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Q: Can I use Toxin Wash on my body hair as well as the hair on my scalp?

Q: Once I use Toxin Wash, will my hair be permanently free of toxins.

Q: Is Toxin Wash safe to use? Will it damage my hair?

Q: I have an retail/online store and want to sell Toxin Wash. Do you have wholesale pricing?

Q: What exact toxins can Toxin Wash remove from my hair?

A: Yes you can. However if you want to use Toxin Wash on both your head and body hair, we would recommend getting the double pack so you can be sure you have a sufficient amount for total coverage.

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A: After using Toxin Wash, your hair toxin levels will be permanently reduced. However, recontamination can easily occur. If you still have the toxin in your blood stream, perspiration from your scalp can recontaminate the hair. Also, any new hair growth that occurred after you used Toxin Wash can reflect the toxins that are still in your body. This is why using Toxin Wash right before your desired time to be clean will give the best results.

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A: Toxin Wash is not only powerful but safe as well. You may experience some scalp tingling or irritation, and it may leave your hair dry immediately after use. But besides this, their are no major side effects to be concerned with if the directions are followed properly.

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A: You can easily become a Toxin Wash distributor. We offer fantastic wholesale pricing on bulk orders, drop shipping and fulfillment services, and private labeling. See our distributor info page for more information.

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A: Toxin wash will remove harsh chemicals such as chlorine and arsenic as well as drug metabolites from the hair strand. Having these toxins in the hair can cause an inability to style and hold color, damage to the hair structure, and hair loss.

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